Experience, efficiency and reliability in treating your problems


The scholarly knowledge of political science and our experience in different periods of transformation, enable us to provide advice to governments, political parties and individuals on issues such as: 


  • Design leadership profiles 

  • Electoral campaigns 

  • Government Programs 

  • Marketing strategies 

  • Public Policy

The experience of 35 years in the practice of law before national and international courts is the guarantee that ensures professional service to our clients in legal cases in the following areas: 


  • International criminal law 

  • Human rights 

  • Immigration, asylum and refugee cases

  • Investor's visas in Spain

  • International Business Transactions

  • International Project Finance

  • Litigation before international tribunals



We worked leading the project Tauromaquia- UNESCO launched in Spain, Portugal, France, Mexico, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Venezuela, providing the necessary legal tools for the the defense of the tauromachy and the cultural heritage. In this regard we offer: 


  • Strategic consulting on issues related to bulfighting such as contractual matters and dispute resolution. 

  • Advice on the formulation of statements in defense of bullfighting and the tauromachy 

  • Advice in response to anti-bullfighting initiatives.